Meet the guys

Chase Guyton, tenor

One of six brothers, Chase finished in the top 50 on Season 7 of American Idol and earned a second place medal in the 2011 collegiate quartet contest with The Vigilantes. He lives in Orlando, FL, where he teaches voice lessons online and in-person.

Dustin Guyton, lead

Dustin has been singing barbershop since he was 13, and he currently holds eight karaoke titles across the Southeast US. A veteran of the collegiate quartet contest, Dustin is the owner of Guyton Roofing in Nashville, TN. He enjoys spending his free time with his two daughters and his wife Chanelle.

Jackson Pinder, bass

Jackson, the primary arranger for the quartet, is a graduate of the FSU Music Education program. An experienced choir director, a Drum & Bugle Corps veteran, and BHS collegiate silver medalist, Jackson teaches music in Seattle.

Jamie Breedon,


A third generation barbershopper, Jamie earned multiple collegiate medals and a district championship with his previous quartet On Demand. He lives in Gainesville, FL and is the manager of the autopsy service at UF.


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